Time flies…apparently.

So, we’re well and truly into June. Hell, we’re nearly into July!  Can someone please slow time down a bit.

I’ve been well and truly remiss in keeping up with things here.

I wasn’t quite so successful with my #mmmay17 pledge this year.  Work, life, all the usual culprits got in the way.  I think we all struggle with that at some point,  for me it’s one of the side effects of being self employed.  I don’t say no very often.

I was told saying no can be very empowering, I’ve already made a fairly major decision which really has lifted my mood. (A sign that it was the right one)  I’m starting to get to grips with being empowered…

I’m making decisions and finishing one or two things.

I think the first #mmmay17 to be finished was my Makers Atelier raw edge jacket


It went together really nicely, if I’m honest I’m still getting used to having all of the seams on the outside of the jacket.  I’d picked up a lovely fine boiled wool on a shopping trip with some girlfriends a couple of years ago which was perfect for it.  The Beccles sewing shop ,  has a lovely range if your ever in the area.  As the wool was quite fine I decided to put a facing on the front to give the snap fasteners some support. I found some mother of pearl buttons in the stash (as you do) which worked perfectly.  I’m still getting used to the boxiness of it but I think it’ll be a really useful jacket.  We hit a heat wave shortly after finishing it so it’s been waiting for more  opportunities to wear it..  I’m sure it won’t be long, I’m in the UK after all.

Next up was my dog tooth skirt which has been hanging around for WAY to long.

It’s been waiting for a hem (yes, really.) That’s all, for at least 12 months.  Simples. Done. Just like that.  Why haven’t I finished this before now?  Aah, because apparently I have nothing to wear it with.  Note to self- make more tops that will go with stuff.






I found a part finished skirt in a pile as I was moving a few bits about.  I’d hemmed it as a sample a few months before and and forgotten it.  It just needed the facings putting on and it was done.  Again, Have a word with yourself Pippa.

Apologies about the state of the mirror, it’s been dusted since this photo was taken.



I wore it a week later, feeling very smart.  Whilst sitting talking to a student I found I had a hole in either side of the skirt where the pleats met the front…Awkward.  Not a small hole you understand, about 2″ long.  On both sides!

I’d originally made it as a toile for the sew simple High waisted skirt but it turned out better than expected.  I obviously decided to finish it off by overlocking  the pre-stitched seam and hadn’t gone back to re-stitch it.  It’s done now and goes with quite a lot of my wardrobe.  Bonus!

I finished the Rosie Bralette vest version before the workshop in may.  This has proved very successful and has got me thinking of more underwear workshops.  Maybe a camisole/slip workshop to work with those slippery fabrics and more lace.

I didn’t get a lot done this May.  I’m leaving the list where I can see it.  Hatty is still sitting on the dummy so that I can decide what to do with her.  She’s a bit of an autumn make so maybe that’ll help when the days cool off a bit.  Maybe I’ll just turn her into a skirt…

I don’t feel I’ve been that successful this year.  I’ve got lots of projects planned for the future though so maybe once I get a moment to myself I can plan a bit more strategically.  Wow!  I don’t know where that came from.  But I’ll plan never the less,  I have a note book and everything.

Now.  Those tops that I need to go with stuff…






2 thoughts on “Time flies…apparently.

  1. I love both the skirts, both such beautiful fit. It was lovely to meet you at the NEC yesterday. I’ll enjoy popping by now and agin to see what you are up to 🙂


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