Hello, I’m Pippa.

I’m a gatherer of fabrics and all things fibre.  I’m trying to use it at the same rate as I’m collecting it.   Well, I’m trying.  Honest.

I live in the wilds of Norfolk and love to be outside in the garden.  The moment it gets warm enough I find all sorts of excuses to take small bits of hand sewing outside to finish.

I’ve been dressmaking for about 20 Years or so.  I work on many things from winter coats or suits to wedding dresses and recreating 1st world war nurses uniforms.

I also teach dressmaking and textiles.  I’ve been teaching for about 10 years now and I enjoy the moment of recognition on someones face when the penny drops.  Now I get it!  I love the variety. I can be demonstrating a zip on one day and wet felting the next.  I also get to meet lots of lovely people who are also interested in textiles, be it fabrics or threads.

The sense of community that gathers around those that love fabrics and fibers is always a happy, inclusive one that welcomes anyone that shows an interest.  I’m not  sure if it’s the colours, the feel or beauty that brings us all together but I like it.