So, we’re into May now. How did that happen? I must be getting older because time really does fly.

I’ve decided to continue on my challenge to finish a few things off for Me Made May.
I’ve tried not to start too many things over the last few months but I’ve still got a list of UFOs waiting in the wings, staring at me. It’s quite uncomfortable at times.

I’ll make another list…20170506_200524 (2)


There’s my Navy wool Pea jacket that’s been cut out for about 12 months now, in fact ot went on the last list for mmmay.
I’ve got the sleeves ready to put in but no further. I guess it’ll be ready for next autumn/winter. The skirt will have to wait until the end of summer/autumn as it’s not even cut out yet.

Buttonholes- yes these may look familiar. I’m going to put the buttonholes in so that I can wear them. I finished them last #mmmay.
This dress…


Apparently I bought to mind Hattie Jakes. As much as I enjoyed watching her in films, NOT quite the look I was going for. It’s a Burda magazine pattern from a year or two back.  It’s quite a boxy pattern by all accounts so I’ll be slipping a zip in the back and taking it in a touch.

My Makers Atilier Jacket is half way there…


At the same time as I bought the Hattie fabric I picked up some lovely boiled wool.  The lovely town of Beccles has a couple of sewing shops, Beccles sewing and Handycrafts is where I picked these up.  A lovely tea room nearby too.  Anyway, I digress.  Just the sleeves to do and we’re done.

Undies- well, lI’ve talked about my love for Rosie more than once to anyone that’ll listen.

20170403_152007 (2)

I’ve another variation to make before the workshop happens in a couple of weeks.
I also have a Harriet half way there, I just need to adjust the wires.

Then there’s the silk dog tooth skirt that’s been waiting for a hem for far too long.

That’s what I’m going to concentrate on for now.

How about anyone else?  Are you taking part in #MMMay17 ?  It’s great to see what everyones making and their varied pledges.

I’m off to #finishsomething xx


2 thoughts on “#MMMay17

  1. My formal pledge is to wear Me-Made but I’d like to get a few of my own UFOs/fixer-uppers/mending done this month. Unfortunately, I’ve not really got around to doing much other than to nearly finish my dressmakers ball outfit. Let’s hope that provides a bunch of inspiration!


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