Urban Bunting


So I’m not really into the traditional type of bunting.   I can see it’s pretty, it’s just not really me.

I also needed something quick to decorate for the Norwich Sewcials  first meet up.  I’d seen something a couple of months ago, it might have been on pintrest.  I can’t find it now so here’s how I did it.

  • First gather some felt, what ever colour takes your fancy.  A couple of contrasting colours makes for a funky line.
  • I like to use a ruler and cutting wheel for this type of job.
  • A sewing machine threaded up in your chosen colour.

Decide how big you want your bunting, I wasn’t putting this up high so didn’t want it too big.


I cut strips, it’s faster this way.  If you want different shapes that works just as well.  I just wasn’t blessed with time.

I then cut the strips into shapes.  Squares, triangles, whatever takes your fancy.


Thread your machine up with your chosen thread and bobbin.  You’ll be able to see both.

Play with the shapes to decide how you want them to look.  Make a pile in stitch order to help keep track of where you are.


Start the first square under the foot and reverse a couple of stitches to secure your thread and just stitch through your felt.

20160815_210435Then continue to add your felt pieces so that they feed through under the foot.  Don’t worry about stitching through air between the squares.  That’s what makes the bunting swing.

Keep stitching for as long as you have felt left or until you have your length of choice.

Voila!  You have Urban Bunting.  Enjoy x