Summer in Bridgetown

I’ve hovered over the Bridgetown backless dress by Sew House 7 for some time now. I think I look at it most summers and then talk my self out of it due to the number of projects on the list. Well, this year I bit the bullet. It was also helped by the Sewing weekender goody bag discount but if I’m honest it was just the right time for me. Sometimes we just need the tiniest of nudges to invest and others a little persuading by our helpful enablers. (looking at a couple of friends here…You know who you are) I’d seen this pattern used back to front and it was a game changer for me. The wrap effect is just the sort of top I love and makes the pattern even more versatile. I love a hashtag search for how everyone else makes a pattern up, the hacks and different uses of fabric.

When I’m using a new pattern I tend to start with it as is. I don’t make too many adjustments unless I know I need them, an FBA is always on the list for anything fitted but because this is such a relaxed fit I didn’t adjust this pattern apart from lowering the neckline. I’m not a big fan of boat necklines on me nowadays so I lowered the neck a couple of inches to scoop it a bit. If you choose to do the same, remember to allow for the seam allowances.

The fact this pattern can be used for stretch as well as woven fabrics makes it perfect for a jersey maxi dress. A chance to use up some of the stash. I had some lovely feather jersey in the stash which will make a lovely maxi dress but I’d also just ordered some stretch linen/viscose from 1st for Fabrics which arrived just as I was ready to cut so it would have been rude not to use it. I’d bought enough for a maxi but I decided to cut a standard short one as I realised my legs weren’t seeing any sun due to maxi dress or jean wearing. I now have enough for a top… maybe a Experimental Space, Evelyn.

Now, normally I’d have sent this off to the printers but it’s not such a big sticking project so I set the printer to work and had the pdf put together in no time. Once cut the dress also came together really quickly. A couple of evenings and it was done. So satisfying. Just what I needed to bring back a bit of sew-jo. I have a rtw dress with a similar back which has a tie at the back and I thought it would also work for this dress. Keeping it on my shoulders as well as giving it another detail. I had a strip left over from cutting out so I made a couple of roulou loops and stitched them onto the back edge. They turned out quite long so I might have to tweek them if they annoy me too much.

I can see this is going to become a real staple in hot weather. So comfy due to the relaxed fit and elasticated waist. Just what you need for long summer days, even if this year I’m not going so far. Can we also note that my geranium is perfectly matched. I should have popped one behind my ear. I’m off to cut out my feather jersey before the weather decides it’s time to change. My summer wardrobe could do with perking up.

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