I fell for Zadie, hook, line and sinker

Jump suits.  How do you feel about them?  I’ve never been a fan.  I think it’s the loo issue.  The thought of taking everything off to do the necessary just puts me off.  Well, that was until I saw Tara from Paper Theory wearing her jumpsuit last year.  It caught me, hook line and sinker.  When she mentioned she might release it as a pattern I was over joyed.  But wait, I don’t wear jump suits.  The temptation was too much.  I waited…and pounced when she released it earlier this year.  Zadie went viral within the sewing community and Instagram was ablaze with lots of fabulous versions.  I’ve became part of a trend, not something that I think has ever happened before.  I tend to steer clear if everyone else is wearing/making something.  I think that’s why it took me so long to make the Blackwood cardi Anyhoo, I digress.



The Zadie is a loose fitting jump suit that fastens at the waist with a tie and a wrap top. No buttons, zips or even elastic to tackle.  This went together so well.  I cut it out on one day and then over a couple of evenings made it up.  I was on a roll!  I used some linen that had been in my stash for years.  It had been used for table coverings and throws at shows for my other half with motorbike bits and engines on.  I checked for oil marks!  I think it was originally bought for a soft jacket but it never made it that far.  Thank goodness!  This was the perfect weight.  Soft enough to flow but weighty enough to hold it’s shape.  Yes, it will crease, it linen.  I didn’t have enough for the ties so I used some wide grosgrain ribbon.  These could have been shorter but I love a pretty ribbon tie.



I made a size 12 as it worked out so close to my measurements. Id seen the notes on the samples that the model was a d cup and it still worked so I left well alone.  It’s loose fitting which makes it easier to account for boob room. The only real difference is that I’m only just 5’4″ so I took up a deeper hem. About 2″ so that it sits just above my ankle.  When I first tried it on it seemed strange to have so much room in the trouser department but it feels fine once it’s finished and you’re wearing it. I could have shortened the top by 1/2 an inch but I like it slightly bloused so I left it. I’ve seen one or two notes since I made it about the depth of the trouser rise but if I’m honest,  unless you’re particularly petit, I’d keep the depth as is so that you can move freely.  You’ll find if you bring it up too much it risks cutting you in half when you try to sit down.


It’s been proven that you can gorge yourself on an afternoon tea with friends and still be comfy.    Worst case scenario is you loosen the ties slightly but this works well for foodie purposes.  I’ll be using this for many outings.

I’ve worn a top under for extra warmth, just a t-shirt to account for not putting the sleeves on.  I’m not sure it’ll ever make it to winter wear as I couldn’t be doing with removing the many layers to go to the loo but for summer this is perfect.  I still feel this is for civilised outings only, not for festivals or port-a-loo wrangling.


I looked through my stash and I’m debating on making a check one.  I have some beautiful cream and navy silk which has been waiting for the right use and I have a friends wedding coming up so unless anything else catches my eye I may have found my outfit.  There are so many different hacks for Zadie, I’m tempted to try the dress…Either way this has become an absolute #secretpyjama outfit.

I’d definitely recommend the Zadie and it works perfectly for this years #sewtogetherforsummer  instachallenge.  There are hundreds of options of different jumpsuits and the like out there so pop over and have a look, its a fun challenge where everyone is so supportive and keen to see what’s being made..







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