Head out of the clouds…

Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

I’m not big on January.  I think it’s something to do with the lack of light and the long list of to-dos I created.  Thank the Foo for February…


Some time before Christmas the lovely Laura from More Sewing asked if I’d like some fabric to make up.  Well, it’s fabric isn’t it. So, this is a collaboration piece with Laura donating the fabric but the opinions are my own.


Such a variety to choose from, I decided on a jersey with clouds all over.  It’s what might be called a Cadbury purple but the pictures don’t show the colour very well.

I could see a clouded  Lane Raglan from Hey June.


I’d made it in a sweatshirting which has been on regular rotation so I knew the pattern would be good for the soft jersey that arrived.

I made up a large which gives me a shaped but not close fitting top.  I normally work up a 12 but these can vary so always go with measurements and go up a size if you’re not sure.

It’s a good t-shirt weight and due to it being winter and all I went for a long sleeve.  A tad too long as it turned out but only by about an inch.

With this being a cotton/elastine jersey it worked up really nicely.  You just have to be sure not to stretch the neckband too much as you put it on.  Once stitched on and wizzed with the overlocker I used a twin needle to top stitch the seam allowance down.


I twin needled both the sleeve and hem edges too.  It gives a nice finish and helps you hold on to the stretch of the fabric.

I always put a ribbon tab on the left side of my tops to avoid labels irritating my neck and so I can tell front from back.  How cool are these sheep which somehow work perfectly with the clouds.


Over all this fabric worked up really well and I’m now of the mind that I’ll make more of my t-shirts than buy them.

It’s not always going to be cheaper and it most definitely won’t be quicker going by my rate of making up for me but I think everyone should give it a go.  Just look at the fabrics that are now available.

There’s a gamut of t-shirt/top patterns you can get hold of now.  The world is your lobster once you find a pattern that works for you.  My next is a Sew house 7 Toaster

Go on,  give it a go and let me know how you get on.

Toodle pip xx



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