Fabric addicts unite!!!

It was dark, cool and we could see a glimmer of light on the street.  Our destination was in sight.  The lights were on at Anglian Fashion Fabrics and once given ‘The Knock’ we were let in.

Sounds quite dramatic doesn’t it but Tim and the team at the shop agreed for Norwich Sewcials to have a ‘lock-in’.   An evening with a fabric shop to ourselves!  What more could a girl ask for.  We were very excited and as we gradually gathered for the love of fabric Tim took us through the latest treasures that he’d had come in.  There were many jerseys and sweater knits, beautiful textured fabrics and colours to choose from.  I was so carried away I didn’t take any photos, despite reminding myself I needed to take lots.   Luckily Emma Of Crafty Clyde was ‘on it’.  I have her to thank for all of these.


I instantly fell in love with some soft shimmery fur.  It was on the first table so, I fell at the first hurdle.  I didn’t stand a chance really.  I left it promising to come back for it.  Yes, I talk to fabric.  It was not allowed to go home entirely with someone else.

We stroked fabric, discussed ideas and pattern options.  Talked buttons, shiny/matt, ooh dinosaurs. They have such a nice range, it’s difficult to choose at times.  23518870_409508996131203_4054104019944175201_n


There were lots of oohs and ahhs as everyone moved around the shop.  Queries were made and decisions were finalised which kept Tim and the girls on their toes.  I’ll take cake if we’re allowed back to keep their sugar levels up.


It was a happy evening with everyone there open to ideas and meeting up at such a nice venue.  It was lovely to see one or two new faces and bump in to some which I hadn’t seen for a while.  The sewing community is a lovely one, everyone is happy when talking fabric and sewing.

So, what’s the next project?  Yes, I went back for the furry goodness that I fell for.  along with some ponte knit of a similar colour which, just so happened, had been put right next to it.  Clever people these fabric bods.  There was sooo much goodness to see that evening but I had to limit myself to stand any chance of making something up before Christmas.


I’m thinking a Toaster sweater from sew house 7 or a Talvikki from Named.  That’s a whole other decision.  I considered a jacket but it is a soft fur so I think it’ll be ok as a jumper.  Jim Henson was mentioned…I’m going to look like a muppet.  Well, I’m guessing it’s not Miss Piggy so I’m fine with that.

As for what everyone else bought, I watched many bags leaving the shop so look forward to seeing them made up.  Maybe we need to organise another sew day for sewcials.  Let’s get these made up.  The stash needs to flow, Ha! Who am I kidding.  I haven’t made up all of the fabric from the sewing bee yet.  I also have some viscose from fabric godmother to make into a Christmas shirt…The To-Do pile isn’t getting any smaller.

I’m going to narrow it down so that I don’t completely overwhelm myself.  Let’s see how that goes shall we.  I’ll check dates for a sew day.  Who’s with me?

Mnamna, Do dooo do do do, Mnamna…



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