A September of shows

Hello.  Anybody there?

It’s been a while.  I’ve come through the fog and out the other side to grasp the nettle.


September saw the opening of the Great British Sewing Bee live show.   Crafty Clyde and I  took the plunge and as Norwich Sewcials, booked a coach.   What if we were the only ones that wanted to go?  It’ll be fine!  Well, turns out we weren’t on our own. Phew!

I love a sewing show.  The opportunity to see different shops (we’re a little short in Norfolk)  the latest trends and exhibitions of other peoples work.  It’s good to get out there and see what everyone else is doing.

I know we now have this fabulous thing of the web but to see, with your own eyes, the beautiful work that is normally behind glass in a museum or shut away in a cupboard for storage is for me a treat.

Emma has done a lovely review of the day over on Crafty Clyde .  I found I was rubbish when talking into a fixed microphone.  I got the giggles big time.  I’d be no good at karaoke.  Crafty clyde was far better, Norwich sewcials DJ anyone?  Almost as soon as we got there we ran into Eliza-sew-little and Melissa of Fehr Trade whom I hadn’t seen since the sewing weekender last year.  Melissa does the most amazing active wear patterns and has a book coming out next year.  It was also lovely to see the The Fold line girls with their swap stop.  The show wasn’t as big as some of the others but I think this made it nicer to get around.  We could sit on a bench to eat lunch (something the other shows could take note on)  and Bubbles!  Just one honest, but how civilised.

I gathered a few treasures to add to the stash and the exhibitions were great. I feel a trip to the fashion and textile museum is in need.  I think it’s fair to say we enjoyed the day.   I’ll admit I was far more relaxed on the way home than on the way there.

Now, only a week later I made the trip down to thread Festival in Farnham.  It’s a show that I’d seen on Instsagram, as you do, and it looked really interesting but it was miles away.  It would probably just be one that I watched from afar in instaland.  Then I won tickets!  Whoop!!!  Well, now I had to go.

I booked a stopover and with a friend drove down ready for the morning of the show.  This is where it got quite interesting, once in Farnham it appeared near impossible to park.  We hadn’t realised there was also a food festival on in the town so all car parks were chocka.   Once ensconced in a spot, we witnessed a particularly ugly incident between two “ladies” after the same space.  We grabbed our scarves and scarpered.

We stumbled into a charitiy shop within 5 minutes of leaving the car park,  Lou picked up some very pretty lace.  We decided if we had time to come back after the show.


It was held in the Maltings, a perfectly crafty place.  A beautiful building with several rooms to work our way through.

There was so much to see and before long I’d fallen in love with some cork fabric.  Yes, really.  Then the foxes, my fate was sealed.  Purple Stitches had such a fabulous range I could have just bought everything.


It was all small independents so there were loads of different stalls.  From your fabulous fabric shops to vintage stalls and fabric designers.  The jewellery by Silverdashery was very tempting.  (Cough, Thimble necklace) If my other half reads this.


I totally fell in love with Mama and Boo , the most beautiful illustrations which are then transformed into textile art.  My photo just doesn’t do her work justice.



There was so much to see as you made your way through the rooms, sometimes we did them twice just in case we missed one.

There were of course tea breaks, and a very nice soup.  The Maltings had two areas for food and drinks so you didn’t have huge queues, though seating was limited.  It would have been lovely to sit outside and admire their garden but I can see how that may have been difficult to manage.

They had a wall of ‘I stitch because’ notes.  We added to these, some of the  reasons just ticked me.  One or two were even stitched.

Unfortunately we never found the exhibitions.  We did stumble across the Farnham quilters who were running small workshops and had a display of their beautiful work

Over all it was a lovely show, nice to see lots of small businesses getting the foot fall.  If you’re in the area it’s definitely one to take a look at.

Farnham itself was also a very pretty town and the food festival looked like a good one.  We caught it just at the end so everyone was packing up.  We did come across this display outside a restaurant, the most beautifully carved fruit and veg.


I think if I made the journey again I’d make a weekend of it.  It’s such a pretty spot and there seems to be loads to see in the area.  Maybe next year…

Which is your favourite stitching show?



2 thoughts on “A September of shows

  1. Hello! I was at both exhibitions – I was helping a friend at the Sewing Bee Live and she gave me tickets to Thread. I didn’t really get a chance to look round at Excel but I really enjoyed Thread. You’re right about the parking – it was pretty dire. I left my partner in the car until he found somewhere to park and took him out coffee and cake!


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