Loving Rosie.

That regular posting I was going to do,  that’s not working out so well.  I’ve decided I’m only going to blog when I have something to say, or when I can no-longer contain my ramblings.  I hope you’re ok with that.


Photo Credit- Evie La Luve

So, having gathered a bit of momentum and grasped some time, I’ve tried and fallen for Rosie This soft, comfy, relaxed bralette is now my go-to when I want that ‘Ahhh’ moment.  You know, when just unclasping your normal ‘hold me in the right direction/ hello boys’ is ready for time out.  As are your boobs!  It’s been doing the job all day but you’re ready for a bit of release.  Too much detail? Sorry.

I’ve not done a lot of underwear sewing.  Corsets, bodices, yes but they’re more construction, somehow they seemed more normal.  It turns out sewing underwear isn’t so difficult or different.  No canvas or boning in Rosie.

As with everything, the fabric makes all the difference.  If your jersey is super stretchy it’s going to be a much more relaxed fit as it has more give in the first place.  I’ve found this a great stash buster.  Those jersey off-cuts you have that aren’t quite big enough for a top but are too big to throw away are perfect for this.

There are also some beautiful stretch laces out there to play with.  The Pinks and greys are my favourite at the mo but I’ve eyed some kingfisher green…  I could end up with a rainbow of underwear.   I also appear to have one or two in my stash.


The elastics are beautiful too.  There’s such a range of colours available, even spangly sparkly ones.  Disco anyone?


Using different elastics has been interesting.  Picot, Plush, regulating the stretch as you stitch. I realised I’d used the plush years ago when making maternity clothing for a customer because it was softer than the standard woven elastic available.  Sad that now I want to use it for it’s real purpose it’s trickier to find.

Picot is finer and so softer when stitching.  Apparently I knew I’d be using it, though it was many years before I knew why.  I found some in my stash, along with some fold over elastic. Knickers will obviously be next.  Sadly the picot has perished.  (It was quite a few years ago)  Note to self and anyone else that might be an elastic/or elasticized fabric buyer, USE IT UP! It won’t go on forever.

I found the trickiest part stitching the straps onto the rings but I’ve got the hang of it now.  *Don’t try to start stitching from the edge.  Start about half way in and stitch to the end, pivot with you’re needle down and stitch back to the other side.

I’ve made several Rosies now.  My first was just to get a feel of the size and make up but it’s become a wearable toile.  The lace wasn’t quite wide enough so I stitched two rows together before cutting out.  If you’re needing to do the same then make sure you use the three step zigzag so that you don’t loose any of the stretch.  The jersey was a viscose that I’d made a dress out of.  I didn’t pattern match due to using leftovers but I did make sure the colours were the same on either side, one red, one blue boob.



I couldn’t resist the naked lace on Evie La Luve which just happened to match a bit of jersey I had left from lining a stretch skirt, again some time ago.  It’s meant to be.  The jersey didn’t have as much stretch so was naturally more supportive.



My favourite by far, at the moment is my swirly bralette.  Another leftover from a dress, a rayon spandex mix I’d picked off the sample rail from my local emporium, Anglian Fashion Fabrics in Norwich.  It had me thinking of swimwear, it may just have been the pattern on the fabric.  I think you could use this pattern for a bikini if you’re not too busty.  You’d just need to line the front before stitching it into the sides.

20170403_152007 (2)

I can see this is going to become a staple.  It’s also nice to sew something relatively small.  No bulk to fight with.  I’ve gathered all of my leftovers together, another pile.  I’m going to have to find a box, maybe one that’s not so small by all accounts.


This is just the beginning of my underwear journey, I have Harriet in the sidelines and knickers to make…

Has anyone else made underwear?  I’d love to know your thoughts.




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