Kiera skirt


This Kiera Skirt is going to be really useful. I don’t know about you but I don’t have a huge mid season wardrobe. I have plenty of summer/winter but a very compact spring /autumn wardrobe.  It’s something I have issues with every year but never get around to.

So when I was given the chance to use some of the lovely chambray from White Tree Fabrics  I thought of that transitional wardrobe that I don’t seem to be able to gather.  I could wear it with flipflops or boots depending on what the British weather throws at me. The chambray from white tree fabrics is a lovely weight, quite light so that it’ll flow but it still holds enough shape to keep the pleats. The Kiera is lined normally but I didn’t feel the fabric wanted another layer. If I feel it’s a bit drafty then I’ll put on a slip.
The Kiera Skirt from Sew Simple is normally a short affair but I fancied a longer version, so when I was cutting out I drew in a chalk line to lengthen.



It’s nice and easy to put together though I always keep the pattern pieces close by when I’m making pleats, it’s so easy to pleat the wrong way otherwise.   I pin and then stay stitch to keep in place.









I decided to put a pocket in on the side without the zip. Who doesn’t like pockets?


I drew up a pattern to make sure I could match up to the sides of the skirt.

There’s a tutorial for an inset pocket here if you want a stage by stage account.











You put the waistband on before the zip, I left the waistband open at the ends so that I could have nice neat insides.  I’d advise a 10″ or 25cm zip so that you have enough of an opening.  I found the 9″ invisible zip a little short even though the skirt is quite full.

I wanted to wear it before the weather changed so I machined the hem, this is becoming a habit.  It took a week or two to get a photo due to life happening but it did mean that we had a fabulously crisp autumn day.  Boots at the ready…

So, there you have it. A mid season addition to the wardrobe, well I’ve made a start.   I can see one or two projects on the table that would also help bulk out a mid season selection so all I have to do is carve out enough time for some selfish sewing before the weather changes for winter or maybe in time for spring…  Does anyone else lack a mid season wardrobe?


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Falling over / Morecome and Wise pose.




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