A New Year, a quiet determination.


A happy New Year to you peeps.  Here’s to a happy and healthy one for us all,  I’m hoping this toddler cold disappears soon.

There’s always a lot of talk about fresh starts, breaking bad habits and trying new things coming up and over the new year.  I think we all do it to some extent.  I try not to reflect too much…I don’t want to be reminded of the things I didn’t get round to.  When I look back I only want to linger on the good, the happy times.

Such as when I’ve covered fly zips in a class and the air was blue (yes, really. The language can get quite creative) with frustration.  Only to see the same people conquer a pair of jeans to fit with, yes, a fly zip.  There are many moments of happiness when somebody feels they have sussed a tricky technique.

Also I’m quite pleased with some of my selfish sewing this year.  I used memademay to give me a purpose and finish off some of those part made things.  I can now use them.



I also managed to make a dress for a friends wedding.  More on that to come as I need to take a couple of photos with me in it.  We got a bit carried away on the day and the only photo I have of me in it is with the bride and groom.  It was a lovely day on the Poppy Line, They got married in the Waybourne waiting room.  We spent the rest of the afternoon on the train watching north Norfolk from an altogether different angle.






The sewing weekender. A truly epic weekend.  Where I met other sewcialists and got completely inspired.  The Fold Line and The English Girl at Home really did hit the spot with that most fabulous of weekends.


Meeting new people.  I’m not good at putting myself out there but given a group of sewcialists, I’m away.  I certainly didn’t imagine this time last year that I could co-host Norwich Sewcials.  I have Crafty Clyde to thank for that.  We’ve found our feet and we’re running with it.  Who knows where it might lead but most of all we’ve gathered together like minded people to talk sewing, fabric, tips and tricks.


I’ve just printed off the SewDIY   sewing planner in an attempt to keep track of my personal sewing but if I’m honest I may use it to keep track of my clients too.  It’s clear and simple so it might just work for me.  I’ll put it up on the wall so that I can see what’s coming up.  Along with my usual lists it’ll be a slightly more interesting wall planner.

I’m going to sew bras!  Yes, I’m joining the underwear revolution.  It appears to be a thing.  To make one that fits and stays in place has got to be a good thing.  It’ll also mean that I get to use up some of the lace that I’ve been hoarding for years.  A Watson from Cloth Habit, maybe a Boylston from Orange Lingerie but first a Rosie Bralette by Evie la Luve .  Gifted to me by Emma of Crafty Clyde, she really does read my mind.


A pair of Morgan Jeans from Closet case files, just because I fancy.  I’m not giving up on my skinnys but I think these could become a staple. A black Friday treat to myself alongside the Kelly anorak.

To try and finish before starting too many projects.  This is a tricky one and it tends to be a sticking point for me but if nothing else it gives me something to work with for Me Made May.   Check this out as it’s a great prompt to get you going.

Last but by no means least, to try and keep this blog up-to-date. Time has disappeared from me this last couple of months so I’ve sadly neglected the blog.  Work and life took over.  I’m going to try and re-balance that.  Let’s see how that goes.  There’s definitely change ahead.  I’m taking control.

Whatever happens, lets make the best of it.   Put out first foot forward into the new year with Joy and determination.  Enjoy that glass of fizz and that last bit of brandy butter scraped onto a warmed mince pie.  Moderation in all things I say.  Except fabric, that’s different.




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