A rather Epic weekend


Does anybody else get inspired in the bath?

I lay there, in a slightly too warm, bath contemplating my rather epic weekend.

I’d been surrounded by THE most supportive, friendly and interesting group of people for the weekend.  A sewing community, gathering together to .spend a couple of days sewing, swapping tips and stories and most enthusiastically encouraging each other.  I know of few other groups of people who will openly share their skills, admit their mistakes and joyfully talk to complete strangers.

It was also a chance to put a real person to the IG or facebook page followed.  Whether well known or just normal people followed for interest and inspiration, I was a little in awe of everyone there.  Within moments of arriving I was greeted warmly by Charlotte of English girl at home and Rachel and Kate of The Fold Line with open arms and a goody bag.

I joined a table with someone I knew, Emma of CraftyClyde.  All tables were of 4 people and Mellisa of Fehr Trade Patterns and Elizabeth made up ours.  Have you seen what’s in the goody bags?  Have you seen these?  Were familiar crys for the first 10 minutes.  It has to be said that both bags and boxes were fantastic.  Thankyou to ALL of the sponsors.

Tea was drunk, biscuits were demolished, ideas and tips were shared.

  • Always trial your active wear patterns in a cheap fabric but work out as normal.  This is when you find out if it needs tweaking for you.  That’s tweeking not twerking, unless that’s your thing.


I finished my skirt.  Worn out for dinner on Saturday night.

We watched and shared as everyone started to finish their garments. We admired beautiful fabrics being used, patterns not yet tried and sewers just coming to terms with the joy that comes with making.  It doesn’t matter if it’s not perfect first time round, enjoy the process.  We’re all learning.No matter how long you’ve been doing something, you can always learn something new.  There’s always something you don’t know that someone else can teach you.  We’re all beginners at something.

Elizabeth introduced Emma and I to Geocaching!  I’d heard of it but knew very little.  We grabbed a map and went on a hunt over lunch.  It was fascinating and quite joyful when you find the co-ordinate.  A treasure hunt!

Marilla Walker gave a talk on the sunday about her design process.  What stood out for me was how she learnt.  Taking apart and making 20!!! bras to see how they were made to perfect her own.  Learning through each process, not seeing failure but an opportunity to gain skills and knowledge.  I’m not sure I would have got through more than a couple before making a trip back to M&S.

Gabby of Gabberdashery spoke about her VLog and the process of filming, editing and the joy of sharing her sewing experiences.

Tilly took us through how her patterns are developed through to print/purchase.  Something I found very interesting, I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes a couple of versions before being completely happy.

Elena of Randomly Happy made us feel like we could organise our wardrobe to be both sewable and wearable.  Though not to beat ourselves up about it if we don’t make everything.  It should be a joyful, life has a bigger picture.

Grace of Beyond Measure spoke of her business and drive to get more makers their own voice and worth.  Developing products with them that can and will be used and treasured for years to come.  I’m eying up the leather pin cushion myself, beautifully made.

I wanted to hug her but that would have been wrong.  I would have hugged all of them I was feeling so inspired.  Mad, huggy woman on the loose!

Racheal Pinheiro of House of Pinheiro spoke of our creative selves.  Not to be afraid to try, take a risk.  If it doesn’t work, learn from it.  Don’t stay with the safe.

She asked us to think about what we wanted out of our creative selves.  Who did we want to be?  I don’t think she meant Wonder woman but hey, we can all dream.

Consider ourselves a sandwich…


O.K.  it sounds like a training excercise, that’s how it started out but she’s right.  If we forget for just a moment what everyone else thinks of us and consider what we want to be at that point.  We could be anything.  Don’t try to hold yourself back, Try something new.

So as I lay in the bath it struck me…

  • My bread would be seeded, to give shots of goodness and a nutty edge.
  • There would be a spicy salsa or sweet chilli sauce, My sense of humour.  Make of it what you will
  • Chicken or prawn lean and tasty.  Hahahahaha, sorry.  I’ll go back to the gym.
  • Rocket and spinach for the  balance.  In my dreams-anyone that saw me wobble across the float on the insane terrain run will understand.

I think that’s enough.  I’m a simple soul.  Uncomplicated (my other half would disagree) and I like to think relatively straight forward in my approach to life.

Well, I’m taking all I’ve gained from this last weekend.  I’m going to try something new.

I’ve had a hankering after a Watson Bra.

I’m going to try not to hold myself back. Quit the shyness, stop hiding behind the face of uncertainty.  It’s going to be a slow process, bear with me but we can only have one life.

Lets live it!


Thankyou Ladies, one and all.  Hugs all round.x


6 thoughts on “A rather Epic weekend

  1. And hugs to you too. What a lovely review from a great weekend. The goodies from the goodie bags are a really good reminder of it all. And I’m glad to have introduced you to a new hobby. I’ll challenge you to find another geocache near to you?
    Thank you being such good company. You’re right the weekend was full of interesting people. I can’t wait for the next one.


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