Norwich Sewcials


We watched from a distance as sewcial groups grew, happenings in Brighton, Birmingham, Bristol…  Nothing in Norfolk!  Why didn’t we have anything like that here?

Emma @Crafty Clyde and I mulled it over.  Are we the only ones that want something like this?  We can’t be.  Well we could try, see what happens…


Sooo, we created a facebook page and put the word out into the ether.  We asked for pointers from The Fold Line and The English Girl at Home and they were very generous with their response.  We spread the word, told a few people and it would appear we’re not on our own after all. We plotted and planned, realising that this was going to take a little more than first thought.

As the night loomed I think it’s fair to say we got excited and juuust a little bit scared. What if nobody turned up?  If half a dozen people arrive we’ll call it a success.   It was just the first night, a general chat to see if anyone else had similar thoughts.  Fingers were crossed.

The Cafe & Bar Marzano in Norwich, a lovely place to drink coffee and eat cake at any time, were very kind in letting us use a couple of tables.  We arrived early and decorated the space.  Urban Bunting was draped across the edge of a table.  I say urban, I don’t really do normal bunting.  I like to see it but it’s not really me.



Flowers were arranged (well, put into jam jars) and artfully strewn over the tables with   magazines and patterns alongside, ready to swap.


Our first sewcialist arrived, Whoop!  Followed quickly by a few more.  Then we had to find more stools. This turned in to a gathering beyond our expectations.  I think you could say we were pleasantly surprised or Well Chuffed!

Everyone was so positive, it would appear it really wasn’t just us.  The suggestion box filled with everyones ideas.  They  mingled (which to be honest, is not something I’m very good at.)  Patterns were swapped, magazines found new homes and we discussed where we could go from here.  They were all keen, some adamant that there would be another.

So, here’s to September the 13th.  Norwich Sewcials another night of sewing chatter.           A QUIZ!  A chance to swap tips, ideas and patterns.  Most of all, meeting new friends.

If you’re close by, come and join us.  Just say hello, we’re a Sewciable lot.



4 thoughts on “Norwich Sewcials

  1. I was intrigued by the idea of “urban bunting”, (and I’m with you, not really into the concept of bunting). For goodness sake, DON’T google it!

    Sounds like a fab time was had by all, so well done for making it happen, and long may it continue.


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