Alfresco Sewing

The sun has come out!!!  Whoop,Whoop!  Sorry for my over enthusiasm, it’s been a while.



I love to sew outside.  I have never liked being inside when it’s nice out but to get work done I’ve had to come to terms with the practicalities.

I now sew with the doors and windows wide open.  It keeps the air flowing but without having to move everything.  Occasionally my studio gets too hot in the middle of summer (not for long granted, I’m in the UK.)  So I’ll either get up early before the heat kicks in or make sure I have work to hand stitch.  This is when I’ll go alfresco.


I’ve found the most important things to consider when sewing alfresco are:

  • Always wear sunscreen-Baz Luhrman has a point.


  • Hydrate. Keep a drink to hand. Water only mind, it’s the only thing that won’t stain if knocked over.   Don’t even attempt to sew anything that might watermark, hot hands will mark fabric however careful you are.  Enjoy a Pimms after the work is done.
  • Beware of flying bombers!  Stitch under some kind of shelter, be it porch, umbrella or gazebo.  Until it happens you have no idea how quickly a missed placed bird drop can ruin your sewing and in turn your day.
  • Sewing alfresco is never easy if you have cats or pets that like to sit on you.  I’ve found that if you create a seat next to you on the same level they are more likely to stay off whatever it is that’s being sewn.  It’s also cooler for them.
  • 008
  • Don’t  bother setting the machine up outside.  It’ll take you longer to set up than sew and it’s a pig to clear at the sudden outbreak of a storm.
  • Rest what you can on a table.  You’ll stay cooler and the outfit will be less likely to crease so much.  A hot steamy body is as good as a steam iron when making creases.
  • Pins.  Please, keep track of any pins you may use.  If possible, try not to use any.  Tack, use clips, anything rather than risk pins in the grass.  You’ll never find them but any small person or pet will pick them up with bare feet without any trouble.  (It’s sods law)
  • Best of all is it’s great for unpicking.  Daylight makes everything so much better to see.  It also makes the process more palatable.



So that’s just a few tips from me, Let me know yours.  Any excuse to get outdoors.

Happy sewing and enjoy the sunshine wherever you may be.



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