U.F.O- A Box of Hidden treasures

I have places to store.  Just occasionally I have to go-a-hunting for something within.

I think it’s fair to say the storage has evolved.  I long to be one of those organised people who have coordinating draws and pastel boxes with carefully folded fabric just peeking out.  I know where most things are and they have their area to be but in my general haste to get stuff done it just tends to get put to one side.  I came across many things in boxes and bags, piled high out-of-the-way.  As I start to put the boxs back I vow to organise the space better, for now I have empty space with a pile of things that need boxing.  Need to buy/gather more boxs to fill, maybe some draws.  I can also get out.  (I turned around at one point and discovered I’d blocked myself in.)

Needless to say when you’ve turfed out a few boxes to find an elusive fabric, you come across some treasures.

At the bottom of one row I found my U.F.O  box. The box with bits of projects that didn’t work or just didn’t get finished.  Samples that never made it into my Embroidery folder but neither did they get thrown away.  They might come in one day.  They haven’t!


Why did I keep some of these?  Because I was always told that a project may not work straight away, you may come back to it, cut it up and make something that does work.    Hmm, maybe.

What was I thinking?   Well, obviously I’m easily led…

As I sat on the floor I began to surround myself with past projects.  Random bits of fabric, some printed others just pretty.  An old handbag that I’d made and used so much the handles had come apart at the seams ( hems from a pair of shortened leather jeans).  Anyone that has picked up one of my handbags will not be surprised, how do they become so heavy?  20160702_150122

Some hand embroidery that could actually be finished with out too much effort. One was still in the frame with the needle still threaded.20160702_151309


One thing that did crop up time and again were a knot stitch (colonial, I think)  Colonial knots (tutorial) and fly stitch.  I’ll admit they’re my favourites.

There was the piece I’d made in a workshop with Helen Stevens, years ago.  I really didn’t have too much to do on this.20160702_155516(1)(1)


There was an even number of machine pieces though not quite so many that I could see finishing at the mo.  Most of this will just go back in the box.  I know one day it’ll come in for an experimental sample.

Some standard machine stitches, contemporary applique (read just held on and stitched through the middle)


Random wriggly lines whilst playing with freehand machining.  There is something very freeing about having control over the position of your fabric.  I’ll finish the dragon I think, maybe a box top…it’s still got some work to do to make it more obvious.




I was going to make a bag with the chenilleing, it’s too heavy but maybe a cushion.  I collected the fabric together for that, it’ll be in a box.  Another time.


I put the workable pieces to one side and put the rest back in the box.  I left out the bag of fabric bits, beads and threads that had obviously been collected together for a reason.  I’m more likely to use them if they’re with the rest of my threads/beads.  I don’t think I’ll be finishing that piece.

At the bottom of the box I found another, smaller Terrys chocolate box.  It didn’t seem familiar but I must have put it there.


When opened it was filled with tubes of beads and smaller pin and match boxes.  Opened up these delivered even more treasure, tiny beads in soft blues and greys.broken bits of pearl necklace. A bag filled with beautiful brass buttons.  This didn’t go back in.  I’m not hiding this treasure again.


So, I’ll make another list and pin it to the board. Embroidery to finish.  I’m definitely not starting anything else until I’ve finished these.  I’ve got until half way through August before I do a couple of printing days.

I think it must be a creative thing, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  We always have more than one thing on the go at  time.  Our minds are never still, it’s what makes us interesting.  Or annoying to those that can focus on one thing at a time. We’re drawn to shiny things, texture, colour and contrast.   We are butterflies, occasional moths but always looking for the beauty in what we make.


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