Finishing the list-well,nearly.

It all started when in I was asked by  a couple of students if I “ever finished any of my projects”.

Let me put this into perspective.  I regularly demonstrate techniques in my classes and I prefer to work on actual clothes.  In truth I got fed up with lots of random bits floating around in my tool box as well as in a folder.  So, I try to have things ready to work on for class.

Sadly, unless I need them, by the end of the courses I have several part mades.  This might have been happening for a few years now…

After clearing my cutting table one morning, I moved a pile of…yes, pre-cut/part mades.  O.K. I thought, let’s just have a look.  I’ll make a list, love a list.  There can’t be that many.


So, apparently they might have a point.

Then I came across MemadeMay 2016 and the So, Zo… blog.    I wear memades most days and as I read more about it the challenge I realised this was it. Was it kismit?  Who knows, it gave me the boost I needed.  I’d finish the list!  Then I found something else.  I can do this, I’ve got a month. 

But what to choose first?  Where do I start?


My blue tunic.  I’d not long cut out and used it for a neck facing demo, the weather was getting warmer and I’d be able to wear it soon.  The pattern was a freebee from a Love Sewing mag a while back and was quick to finish. I can do this!



My Pear shirt.  This was a bit of a challenge.  When I started this shirt I was really keen to finish and wear it.  I’d picked the fabric up at a show and could see straight away what it was going to be.  I got to first fit, I’d tried it on.  It didn’t fit, well it was Very snug.  So I lost heart and put it away.

I could use it for a couple of demos coming up so I bit the bullet and started to finish it.  I would sell it if it still didn’t fit.  The collar stand tried to make life awkward, I couldn’t get it to sit nicely when it was top stitched so I undid and hand finished it.  Personally I think it was getting it’s own back because it’d been sitting around for too long.

Now despite having a Huge stash of buttons I didn’t have any that were quite right.  I’m a bit fussy over buttons, they can make or break an outfit.  I’m thinking blue to match the accent of the collar and cuffs.


Next up was my silver shirt.  I’d picked up some Paul Smith Shirting  from Fabrics Galore at Sewing for Pleasure a couple of years back.  It’s sooo soft.  I had traced a Burda patten from one of the magazines, a classic shirt.  This had half a collar and one of the sleeve openings of an unattached sleeve.  It was a recent cut out and would go another couple of demos.  I finished it off and went through the button stash again.  I had 6 beautiful mother of pearl buttons…Not enough.  So I need more buttons.  I’ll make another list.


I’m on  roll!  My Donna Karen for Vogue patterns Drape top.   I’d been given this fabric a couple of months back and knew I wanted a drapey top out of it.  I’d cut it out at the same time as the silver and it’s all one piece so I knew it wouldn’t take long.  I’m really pleased with how this came out.  I had to raise the neckline so that I didn’t give anyone an impromptu flash, I’m not the tallest of bodies.  All I need now is the weather.

Time was starting to run out and I began to realise that I wasn’t going to finish the list…

O.K. so what did I have left that I wanted to wear soon?

Both of the dresses were Autumn/winter/spring wear so that put them further down in the pecking order.  I decided the Pea Jacket wasn’t really summer wear.  Ha! Who was I kidding.  ( I’m sitting here with three layers on)

Lets trim down the number of shirts.


My Pink shirt has been hanging on the rail for longer than I care to remember.  It only needed the hems and buttonholes stitching.  It’s amazing how many hems a shirt can have when it has angled sleeves and body.  I thought it was never going to end.

BOOM!  I had already bought the buttons.  Finally, a shirt I could actually finish.  Sadly I hadn’t got enough to pin the sleeves back with but I’ll keep my eyes open, I might come accross a couple.

So, MeMadeMay is over for this year.  I still have a lot on the list un-finished.  The challenge was to finish everything on the list before I bought or cut anything else out….Who was I trying to kid?  I’ve got a beautiful jersey waiting be made into another drape top.

I’m keeping the list on my drawing board.  It’ll remind me of what still needs finishing.  I’m not going to let it get too long before I go back to it.  Please tell me I’m not the only one to have a few unfinished projects waiting in the wings.









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