In the beggining…

Helloo, I’m Pippa.

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it.  A blog!  Who’d have thought it?

After much Humming and Haaaring (is that a Norfolk term?)  I’ve taken the plunge.

I’m a dressmaker and sewing tutor that lives in the wilds of Norfolk.  I love to sew, cook/bake (you’ll see more of that, I promise) and garden.  I love to share my thoughts and ideas so expect random thoughts and useful info. ( I’m hoping that this blog will help me think before opening my mouth.  Does anyone else have that issue?)

I’m hoping that along the way this blog will bring both amusement and useful tidbits to help clarify some of those annoying sewing hiccups and there’ll probably be cake too.  I’ve found that creatives do like to eat.  Thank goodness!  Sewing and cake, you really don’t need much more. May be the occasional glass of something…

Well, that’s all from me for the mo.  More to follow…


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